Do you offer Corn-Free Entrees?

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Corn-Free Entrees


Brown Rice Avocado Sushi Roll: Made fresh daily. Lightly seasoned, whole-grain sushi rice with ripe Haas avocado, wrapped in nori. Served with edamame and a wheat-free, tamari dipping sauce.

Brown Rice Cucumber Sushi Roll: Lightly seasoned whole-grain sushi rice with crisp, fresh cucumber, wrapped in nori. Served with a wheat-free tamari dipping sauce and a side of edamame (mmmmmmmm…)

Ham & Cheese Panini: This warm and toasted whole grain Panini bread cradles all natural ham and Monterey Jack cheese between its slices leaving you satisfied and delighted

Kale and Apple Salad: Cool, crisp and absolutely bursting with fresh flavor. We toss together baby kale, green cabbage, red cabbage, edamame, broccoli and red apple—then top with our house-made White Balsamic Dressing featuring our special blend of fresh herbs and spices. It’s veggie goodness and fruit fun in one. Vegan, Gluten-free and Dairy-free.

Mac and Cheese: We have perfected GENUINE Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese with organic pasta shells bathed in an all-natural Wisconsin cheese sauce. Everything you love about Annie’s, is here: real food with only the best ingredients.

Oven- Roasted Herb Chicken: Chicken drumsticks rubbed with herbs makes little tummies happy, especially when served with seasonal vegetable and golden whole-grain rice. A little taste of home cooking delivered directly to the lunchroom.

Patty Melt: Beef and pork meatloaf with grilled onions atop a whole grain grilled Panini bread offer a meaty, wholesome entree for hungry kids!

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