How do I Add / Remove a Student to my Account?

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To An Existing School

To add a child that goes to the same school as your other child(ren) follow these few steps:

  1. Log onto your account - Click on "Manage Account" under your name at the top of the calendar
  2. Scroll down to your other child’s profile and below it you will see a button to Add Another Student
  3. Complete the new setup of your child(ren)      
  4. When completed scroll down to the bottom of the page to Save.


Add Another Student to a Different School 

If you are adding a child that goes to a different school you will need the School Name and City the school is located.  


Note: If you are changing school location on your account for your child please allow 24 business hours for lunches to be delivered to the new location.

Adding an adult to your account

If you are a parent volunteer and would like to order lunch when you are at school just add yourself to your account as another student.  When selecting a grade select the grade of your youngest child at this school (do not select staff) and save.

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