Where can I find the Nutritional Information for your Food?

Bryan Fournier -

If you’d like nutrition information for each of our meals, that can be found once logged into your account.

When ordering on your calendar, simply select a date, which pulls up the various available entrée options. From there, selecting an individual entrée of interest will bring you to that specific entrée’s description and photo. On the entrée photo, you’ll see three tabs – including “nutrition”. This tab is available for each entrée on our menu, and will provide you the granular nutrition information that I believe you’re looking for.


If you need specific information for health or allergy reasons we can refer you to our nutritionist if the information online is not sufficient. We have a dedicated team of Nutritionist on staff daily, one of them will reply as soon as it is possible.

Our Nutritionist can be reached directly at customerservice@choicelunch.com 

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