How Do I Place An Order After the Deadline?

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Once the normal ordering day has closed, Last Minute Ordering will be available until 6 am the morning of school. You will select from a limited menu that becomes more limited as the ordering day progresses. Only regular portion sizes will be available during this ordering period. Once these entrées have sold out, usually (but not always) a Bagel and Cream Cheese will be available for the remainder of the ordering period.
You can access Last Minute Ordering through the full website while on the New Calendar View, please change your calendar settings on the left hand side of the menu if needed.  An additional fee of $1.50 will be added to the cost of each lunch and billed to your account.
For our Unlimited Subscription members the $1.50 Last Minute ordering fee is waived.  
If placing a large order you may want to complete your Last Minute order first to insure you receive your first choice and then go back and complete your full order.
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