How do I Create a New Choicelunch Account?

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To set up your new account you will need your School Name and City the school is located in.

Once you have your school information, just follow these few steps to create your account:

  1. Log onto  
  2. Click on “Sign up” at the top right of your screen  
  3. Complete ACCOUNT DETAILS and select "continue"

4. When you have completed your Account Details you will  "Add Student".  You can add multiple students, once you have completed your first student add.  

 5. After entering your students first and last name, you will be prompted to "search for you school by city".

6. Select your school and in the next drop down, you will be prompted to select your student's Grade.   




After entering your student's grade, you can pick any allergens applicable and select +Add (Student's Name).  If you have multiple students, follow Steps 4 - 5. 

If you would like to join your child for lunch you can add yourself to your account. Just add another student, use the same grade level as your child and your lunch will be delivered in the same manner. All School staff members please use "Staff" as your grade selection. 

After completing your Student Adds, your final step is to complete your Payment information for Choicelunch Preload. 


Once you've entered your payment info, you'll need to preload your Choicelunch account with funds before ordering. 

There's preset increments of $50, $75, $150 or you can enter any amount over $5 in the bar below.

Any unused account balance after you place your lunch orders can be refunded back to your card, just ask your Customer Support Team Monday-Friday between 8AM-4PM!  

Call: 855-465-8624 























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